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Dear D93 Patron, We Invite Your Donation!

We recognize you share your interest in our Students' Success by Desgin

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Dear Stakeholder in Bonneville Joint District 93 Educational Success:

As a prominent community member we recognize you have a vested interest in the success of the students of District 93.

Annually we offer Teacher Mini-Grants to provide that "one thing" the teacher decides she needs to make all the difference in her classroom instructional goals. In the past four years we have offered between 15-20 grants each year, ranging in award from $25-$600. We encourage teams of teachers to work together, raise additional funds, and give preference to those applications. To maximize the number of students who are benefited from these awards, our typical award does not exceed $500.

Our goal is to provide $10,000 in mini-grants for 2018. We invite you help our teachers' obtain the one thing that will make all the difference in their 2018-2019 instruction.

Kind regards,

Bonneville Education Foundation Board

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