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2019 Spring Teacher STEM Mini-Grant

Closes April 28, 2019--Apply today!

The Bonneville Education Foundation (BEF) is excited to announce the opening of a spring 2019 STEM Mini-Grant Cycle for the educators of District 93--thanks to the generosity of Fluor Idaho!​

$10,000 has been donated by Fluor Idaho for teacher classroom STEM grants.

Fluor Idaho, as the donor, has advised certain expectations with these grants. Notice there are a few more questions on this application than in the fall. These expectations are to ensure the BEF is helping you get what you are asking for in the grant, as efficiently as possible.

To be eligible for the Mini-Grant, your school must have a liaison to the BEF and the application needs to have a PLC team. (Find your BEF school liaison here.) Applications will be available online, just like the fall Mini-Grant Cycle. The application is currently available and are due no later than Monday, April 29, 2019.

EXTENDED to May 15, 2019

Grants will be awarded on the night of May 1, 2019. Also--for the first time in BEF history--if you are awarded a grant, (if you will provide an Amazon link in the grant application) BEF will make the purchase through Amazon and have it shipped directly to your school!

Otherwise, anticipate checks being cut that evening, and provided to your building by the following Monday.

If you have any questions, please contact Shelley Andrus at or 208-525-4422.

Application Form: Closes April 29, 2019

Required information to complete the application:

  • Name of applicant (and fellow applicants--teams can (and are encouraged) submit on one application now)
  • School/D93 Department
  • PLC team members' support
  • BEF school liaison's support, (Find your BEF school liaison here.)
  • Documentation of expected costs must be uploaded and attached to the application. Email yourself a picture from your phone, copy and paste an estimate from a webpage into a word document. Any file type can be used.
  • We also encourage (but not required) printing a PDF of your IPLP or SLO of your team, and including that in your documentation attachments, demonstrating how your grant supports your plans.
  • Approval from the building principal.
  • Estimate of the number of students who will benefit from the grant this year (preference is given to larger student impact).
  • Estimate the number of years the item will last.
  • Information regarding other funds raised (other grants, donations, or budget allocations).
  • STEM category preference for Spring STEM grant.  If your grant request includes another category, a STEM category must also be selected.
  • A link to Amazon product if it is available (and if you want) BEF to purchase it for you from Amazon.
  • Plan on following up with evidence of the purchase, the use of the purchase, and a documented benefit it provided (photos, feedback, testing data, etc--your school liaison will help with this process).
  • Apply here.

How can we improve the likelihood of being awarded a grant?

The foundation more favorably considers:

  • Requests that will have the longest impact on the largest group of students: improvements, sturdy equipment, shared resources (within a building, or a team, or the district).
    • Due to the above criteria, consumables, annual software licenses, and field trips will not be considered.  However, if you would like to start a donation-driven campaign for any of these projects, please talk with your school liaison for support that is not limited by the BEF Mini-Grant.
  • PLC team requests--PLC team support is required
  • Requests around $500 (requests above $500 have been approved)
  • Requests whose applicants have made an effort to gather other funds (but not required)

Other Information:

  • After your initial application, your principal will be asked to approve your request through Laserfiche form by email. That approval is required by Friday, April 26 in order to be considered at the Wednesay, May 1, 2019 meeting.
  • If you are a grant recipient, you and your principal will be notified by email after the May  BEF meeting.
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